What Students Say




“I love that Gem State challenges my mind and my beliefs. It pushes me to ask hard questions like: why do I worship the way I do and what do I believe is my purpose on this earth? GSAA has given me a new perspective on God and my own life.” Kelton

“I love the family I have found at Gem State. I have found staff members who act more like parents, aunts and uncles, and friends that act more like cousins and siblings. Like a typical family we have drama and disagreements, but with God’s love as the focus, we work together to grow.” Karalee

“I love all the opportunities that Gem State provides, such as life-changing mission trips, meeting new people from around the globe, going on unforgettable tours and trips, and the freedom to become closer to God.” Chloe

“What I love about Gem State is the freedom to talk about God whenever and wherever.” Jacob

“I love there are no “popular groups,” no “losers,” no “nerds” here. When I came to Gem State, I came from a school where I didn’t “fit in.” Now I see not all schools or people are the same. I am part of a family here.” Sierra

“I love the atmosphere here. Everyone is as much of a Jesus freak as I am. My spiritual walk with God has grown since leaving public school. This is my home away from home.” Daniel