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Share the Love Campaign





We share Christ’s love with our students every day. You too can share your love for Adventist education by giving a gift in the month of February. It is better than any valentine!


Your gift provides a safe haven where Idaho and Easter Oregon’s young people can learn and grow…and most importantly can experience the unconditional love of Christ. At Gem State teens can develop their whole person, spiritually, socially and academically. They can learn what serving others means and how to live a life of compassion through the best example of all...Jesus.


Share the Love in February and make a gift that lasts for eternity! Or share what you love about Gem State Adventist Academy by emailing nbatten@gemstate.org.




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I love there are no “popular groups”, no “losers,” no “nerds” here. When I came to Gem State I came from a school where I didn’t “fit in.” Now I see not all schools or people are the same. I am part of a family here. Sierra Davis, Student, Vale, OR


We love the relationships we made at Gem State and have maintained 20 years later with both our classmates and the staff. We love the memories we have created there. GSAA will always hold a special place in our hearts. Ty & Lisseth Davis ‘98, Alumni


I love Gem State’s tradition of acceptance and inclusion. It is unlike any other school I have taught at. Our students make sure everyone feels accepted and of value. Todd Driver, Faculty & Former Parent


What I love about Gem State is the freedom to talk about God whenever and wherever. Being an Adventist, God is my number one priority. Here, I am able to share my experiences with God, have people pray for me and see God’s love at work. Jacob Healy, Student


I love that Gem State challenges my mind and my beliefs. It pushes me to ask hard questions like: why do I worship the way I do and what do I believe is my purpose on this earth? GSAA has given me a new perspective on God and my own life. Kelton Turner, Student

Gem State is where I learned to love my Lord and Savior, where I learned to love my best friend and wife Lynn, and where I continue to love serving God and sharing Him. Dale Maine ‘82, Alumni


I love all the opportunities that Gem State provides, such as life-changing mission trips, meeting new people from around the globe, going on unforgettable tours and trips, and the freedom to become closer to God. Chloe Iwasa, Student


I love the supportive atmosphere at Gem State; the caring of the faculty and students. It is a place where I can be me and feel accepted for who I am. It is a place of belonging.  Rodney Bell, Student


I love that our students grow in their relationship with God here and grow in their understanding of their place in this world. I am amazed by their willingness to accept and help each other. Mentoring these young people is such a blessing. Patricia Fitting, Faculty


Gem State has brought me loving and positive friends, devoted and genuine teachers, and it has strengthened my relationship with God. I have learned to have “healthy happiness.” Candice Hurst, Student


I love the atmosphere here. Everyone is as much of a Jesus freak as I am. My spiritual walk with God has grown since leaving public school. This is my home away from home. Daniel Kilby, Student


We love and admire the dedication and commitment of the faculty and staff of Gem State. We are so grateful our kids are able to attend a Seventh-day Adventist school where they receive exceptional instruction and thrive. Kevin & Furnette Turner, Parents


I love the family I have found at Gem State. I have found staff members who act more like parents, aunts and uncles, and friends that act more like cousins and siblings. Like a typical family we have drama and disagreements, but with God’s love as the focus, we work together to grow. Karalee Sutton, Student


I love Gem State’s culture for teaching students how to set the best priorities and how to ask the right questions throughout life. There is a shared vision of beliefs and values. Pat Francisco, Alumni


We love GSAA because it is the place we met--celebrating 19 years of marriage this alumni weekend.  We also love that our kids are, and will be, going to GSAA.  We love seeing and hearing how much they love it too.  Jeff ’95 & Amy Kluchesky ’97, Alumni & Parents