• Engaging in Service
  • Training for Leadership
  • Preparing for Eternity

GSAA is an accredited high school offering college-prep courses with a uniquely Seventh-day Adventist perspective. Students are given opportunities to engage in service and develop a life-long passion for helping others and giving back to their community. Students are trained for leadership, gaining knowledge and experience that will help them be successful leaders in their family, church and career. Above all else, GSAA strives to prepare students for eternity focusing our academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities by encouraging the development of a relationship with Jesus Christ.











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    What students are saying...

    When I came to GSAA I was welcomed by everyone and it instantly became my home. I've made my closest friends here, and the best memories I've made have been from the many trips. Bringing God into everything we do is what makes Gem State who we are.

    Nyellie Marin-Luangxaysana, Class of 2021

    Gem State has definitely helped me open up and expand my comfort zone. The people here are like a family and I love it.

    Ivy Baltazar, Junior

    The thing I appreciate the most is that our teachers are more than just teachers. They're also our role models and mentors.

    Izzie Henry, Sophomore









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