• Engaging in Service
  • Training for Leadership
  • Preparing for Eternity

GSAA is an accredited high school offering college-prep courses with a uniquely Seventh-day Adventist perspective. Students are given opportunities to engage in service and develop a life-long passion for helping others and giving back to their community. Students are trained for leadership, gaining knowledge and experience that will help them be successful leaders in their family, church and career. Above all else, GSAA strives to prepare students for eternity focusing our academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities by encouraging the development of a relationship with Jesus Christ.


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    What students are saying...

    I love that Gem State challenges my mind and my beliefs. It pushes me to ask hard questions like: why do I worship the way I do and what do I believe is my purpose on this earth? GSAA has given me a new perspective on God and my own life.

    Kelton Turner, Twin Falls, ID