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Operating Board

Gem State Adventist Academy is owned by the Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventists; however, an operating board provides oversight and accountability for operations. The following individuals are currently serving on our Operating Board of Directors.

Officers & Ex-Officio Positions:

  • David Prest, Chairman (Idaho Conference President)
  • Marvin Thorman, Secretary (GSAA Principal)
  • John Rogers, Idaho Conference Finance VP
  • Patrick Frey, Idaho Conference Education Superintendent
  • Cynthia Hastings, GSAA Finance VP
  • Keith Waters, North Pacific Union Education Superintendent

Voted Members (voted at every quinquennium sesion):

  • Mike Armayor
  • Brock Bohlman
  • Ila Cockrum
  • Charlan Heid
  • Dan Isawa
  • Lynn Maine
  • Dan McKey
  • Dan Moore
  • Sherry Schultz
  • Kevin Turner