Student Labor

A variety of work opportunities are available to enrich students' learning and aid in paying their school expenses. Jobs include clerical, classroom readers, computer technology, landscaping maintenance, custodial, gymnasium, dormitories and cafeteria.

KTSY, located on the campus, also provides employment opportunities for students. 

GSAA cannot assure employment for every student. To ensure the most efficient and fair employment of students our employment policy holds that:

  • Dorm students have first priority of jobs.
  • Day students less than 16 years of age who cannot work off campus have equal priority with dorm students.
  • Day students 16 years of age or more are strongly encouraged to work in the surrounding community.
  • A student can work about 5 hours per week for approximately 30 weeks during the school year. Students who work in food service or for the dorm will receive more hours per week. The student hourly rate of pay is $7.25.
  • Earnings from on-campus work is applied directly to the student's account and may not be accessed for the student's personal use.

Our on campus Student Labor Coordinator is Cynthia Hastings.