Student Clubs & Associations

The STUDENT ASSOCIATION (SA) is made up of the student body and faculty with the objective of fostering the general interests, ideals, and goals of Gem State Academy. SA provides opportunities for students to be involved in leadership and citizenship activities as SA officers and Student Senate. The goal of the SA is to further awaken students’ knowledge, responsibility and common interest in student government and student life at Gem State Academy.

CLASS ORGANIZATIONS offer opportunities for developing leadership skills and planning religious and social activities for their class.

CAMPUS CLUBS may be formed with administration approval and faculty sponsorship to meet the interests and enthusiasm of any approved student group.

THE GSAA YEARBOOKSyringa, is student produced. The yearbook staff learn principles of artistic layout, copy writing, graphic design, editing and photography.

Qualifications to Hold Office

Any student elected to an office of leadership on campus must be recognized as a loyal and wholehearted supporter of the ideals of Christian living. Eligibility for SA offices is cited in the SA Constitution. Eligibility for class and club offices are as follows: 

  • For President, Social Vice-President, or Religious Vice-President, the student must have an initial minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and maintain a quarterly 2.5 GPA, and a C in citizenship. For Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian the student must have an initial minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 and maintain a quarterly 2.25 GPA, and a C in citizenship. (Freshmen are exempt from the initial cumulative requirements.)
  • Prospective officers must secure approval to run for office through the class Officer Application process.
  • Officer eligibility will be reviewed at the end of first semester. Should an officer’s GPA, citizenship or attendance fall below the minimum requirement, the office will be forfeited for the remainder of the school year.
  • A student who is suspended from school for any reason will lose his/her office and will not be eligible to hold an office for the remainder of the school year. A student who receives an unsatisfactory grade in citizenship for the fourth quarter will not be eligible to run for an office the following school year. The student may petition the Curriculum Committee for an exception to this policy.
  • Students may hold only one major office at a time. Major offices include the president and vice president of any organization.