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GSAA Celebrates 100 Years


When GSAA opened it doors in 1918 it never imagined it would celebrate its centennial birthday. But during Alumni Weekend this year, March 30-April 1, we did just that...we celebrated GSAA's 100th Birthday! We had about 800 people in attendance during the weekend. A huge thank you to the senior class and the staff for their help . We couldn't have done it without them!

The Friday night Dinner with Former Faculty was well-attended and alumni enjoyed reconnecting with their former teachers. Sabbath services, class reunions, and a concert made the Sabbath day special.

We ended it all with the a special lighting ceremony on the lawn commemorating the 100th anniversary, complete with sparklers and birthday cake.

Following the ceremony was the annual Alumni vs GSAA Varsity in a basketball and volleyball. The alumni still have it because they played a great game against the students.

Sunday was the color run festival. We had about 200 people in attendance and 79 registered runners and walkers. Our race winners were: 

Female Division:
1st - Emma Strommen 24:22
2nd - Jamie Miller 25:21
3rd - Jamie Jansen 26:55

Male Division:
1st - Manny Rosas 18:58
2nd - Cody Davis 22:19
3rd - Tristan Dexter-Fox 23:59

We also honored several individuals during the Sabbath Services, including:

Volunteer of Year - Harold & Gloria Becker


Centennial Service Award - Victor & Tracy Cook


Family Loyalty Award - Botimer and Drake Families



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