State of the School

A report from GSAA Principal Marvin Thorman


I am often asked how Gem State is doing, and I am proud to say GSAA is thriving. We have made huge strides in financial stability in the past four years. It has truly been a walk in faith, but God is so good. He knows our young people need this school. Here are just a few of the ways GSAA is more financially stable than it was four years ago:


  • Four consecutive years of operating in the black
  • $400,000 ahead with cash on hand
  • $300,000 reduced debt to Idaho Conference
  • $200,000 funded capital improvements
  • Student debt ratio has dropped by almost 200%
  • Philanthropic giving to GSAA has more than doubled
  • The average student now receives 35% in tuition assistance


And we have done all of this without raising tuition during the past four years! What a miracle!


We remain dedicated to providing the best faith-based education possible. A recent survey from Walla Walla University shows our students perform well against other North Pacific Union Conference academy graduates, grabbing the top spot in math among freshman and sophomore college students.


A recent survey of our alumni revealed that 85% of Gem State students go onto college (the national average among highschool graduates is 66%). The same survey also showed that 30% of our graduates go on to receive a master or doctorate degree. In addition, the survey showed that a significant portion of our alumni go into the fields of healthcare and education, which resonates with our core mission statement: “Training for Leadership. Engaging in Service. Preparing for Eternity.”


Challenges remain of course, and there are many opportunities for growth, including the need to update infrastructure and campus beautification, more recruiting to grow enrollment, and keeping tuition affordable for families. I am excited to report though that the GSAA Operating Board recently voted to hire a half-time marketing and recruiting staff person to help address the challenge of growing enrollment at GSAA.


However, we can’t achieve our mission without the support of our alumni and constituent community. We need your prayers and financial support. We are doing our part to keep this school strong. God is doing His part to sustain our ministry. And we need YOU to do your part. It takes all of us working together to insure the future of Gem State Adventist Academy and provide for the young people who attend school here.


We need Adventist education now more than ever before. The devil is waging war for the hearts and minds of our youth. Help us provide a safe place in today’s world for our youth to learn and grow. They are worth the investment of our time and resources.






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