Areas of Need


Please consider giving to one of the following areas of greatest need or contact the Development Office to discuss a restricted gift for a specific purpose of interest. Thank you in advance for your support!

Annual Fund - unrestricted money that can be used wherever it is needed most. The Annual Fund covers things like: teacher salaries, books and teaching supplies, food, electricity, cleaning supplies and heat. While this may not be the most exciting giving option, the Annual Fund is essential. Tuition, on average, covers only 60% of annual operating costs.

Worthy Student Fund - helps assure that no student is turned away. Many families struggle with the cost of obtaining a quality, Christian education for their children. You can help these families and invest in the life of a student. Gem State Adventist Academy has a contract with a third party that evaluates the family’s financial situation, assuring that every student who gets a Worthy Student Scholarship is indeed “worthy!”

Work Scholarship Fund - rewards students with an excellent work ethic who work more than 65 hours a semester and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75. Students must also have a "A" in citizenship. We award about $15,000 per year in scholarships from this fund.

The Merit Scholarship Fund – is awarded to four students who show excellence in one or more of the following four areas: leadership, music, curricular skill or athletics. This scholarship is designed to reward the efforts of outstanding students and provide additional funding for their education. We typically award up to $2,000 per student from this fund.

Capital Improvement Fund - helps maintain buildings and equipment. If you give a gift to the general Capital Improvement, it will be used to for the most urgent capital need as determined by administration. 

The Extra Curricular Fund - assists “worthy” students with such things as sports fees, music lessons, mission trips, etc. We want every student who comes to Gem State Adventist Academy to become well-rounded and have the opportunity to pursue their special interests. Extra-curricular activities help students build character, develop creativity, learn to express themselves, and make memories. 

Alumni Endowment Fund - an endowment fund is a pool of money that is placed in a special account for the purpose of generating income. The principal is never spent, but each year a portion of the income can be drawn off for a specific purpose - and the primary purpose of the Alumni Endowment Fund is scholarships for worthy students. The average annual disbursement to student accounts is approximately $25,000. The Alumni Endowment Fund Investment Policy assures that the principal is never depleted and that the fund continues to grow. Our goal is to grow the endowment to the $1 million mark before the end of 2018 in honor of our 100th anniversary celebration. Currently, the principal amount in the fund is approximately $800,000.

Restricted Donations - Gem State Adventist Academy accepts donations for a specific purpose or department as long as the school can fulfill the intent of the donation. GSAA will not accept gifts that are too restrictive in purpose or inconsistent with our mission, purpose and priorities. Gifts that are too restrictive are those that are too difficult or costly to administer. When making an online designated gift, use the “Other” option and then specify the department in the “Description” line.


Please note that 10% of funds raised go towards the cost of the development program.