Volunteering at Gem State Adventist Academy

Make a difference!

Volunteers are a vital part of the team supporting the hard working faculty and staff at GSAA. Volunteers help in many different capacities from coaching, providing administration support, and serving as board members, to landscaping, remodeling homes and rooms, painting, light maintenance, and more. 

GSAA is on the move and is a Top Tier school in academics, spirituality, music, athletics,  and whole person development.  The school is blessed with excellent leadership, faculty, and young people.


Those who get involved just can’t stay away because it is so rewarding to see the development of Christian young people. 


Volunteers can be involved for any amount of time, at times that work for you. There is no pressure and any help is very much appreciated. All types of skills are needed.

These young people will soon be leaders in our church, business and society.  Let’s help these future leaders develop at your school, GSAA.

    f you are unable to come on-site to help, consider donating to the “GSAA Volunteer Fund”.  This fund is used to do many of the projects volunteers work on.  Any help either on-site or financially will help make a real difference.  To signup, click the volunteer button below.  You will not be sorry you did.

    Please note that all volunteer projects must be pre-approved by the Volunteer Coordinating Program before beginning, and need to be in line with the mission of GSAA and Strategic Plan.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Harold Becker, GSAA Volunteer Coordinator at 208-615-1427.


    Upcoming volunteer projects include:

    1. Landscaping
    2. Home upgrades
    3. Painting the gym
    4. Remodel student bathrooms
    5. General clean-up
    6. Marketing
    7. Videography – live streaming
    List updated May, 2021